There’s no denying that this industry is one of change. Theme Parks are indeed expected to change, grow and evolve, providing the latest and greatest thrills every season, with the newest and most exciting technology.

Growing up during the 1980s/90s in Lancashire, I was brought up on a diet of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Camelot, Gulliver’s World, Pleasureland, Granada Studios Tour and Frontierland. Then, when summer rolled around, my family would almost invariably visit a Butlin’s holiday camp, with its own funfair or a Pontin’s with the delights of Rhyl or Great Yarmouth nearby. I was always going to be a theme park fan!

I created my first theme park website in the year 2000, a fan site dedicated to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Additionally, other efforts have included ‘Total Pleasureland’, ‘Pleasure Beach Pixels’ and ‘G-Force Magazine’, but none have really stood the test of time and only a few fragments remain.

A huge number of other fan sites have come and gone over the years as social media and official park websites have meant that their original purpose is served elsewhere. Sadly, with their demise, lots of wonderful content has been lost. This site exists to ensure that the history of this fascinating industry is recorded and shared freely for anyone who would like to know more or reminisce.

In addition to many of the UK’s parks changing and evolving, a number have also closed their doors. Those parks not only provided employment for huge numbers of people, they were places where childhood memories were made and I have tried to capture some of their magic on these pages.

I’d very much like this project to be collaborative, if you have ideas, would like to contribute content or would simply like to share your memories for inclusion, please visit the Contribute and Get in Touch pages – I look forward to hearing from you.

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