When building a new family coaster you’ll find that most parks will settle for an ‘off the shelf’ steel coaster. Sometimes however, parks are inspired to build something new and unique. Gulliver’s World did just that.

In 1995, a major wooden coaster hadn’t been built for over 50 years – until the construction of Antelope. The ride was the UK’s first ‘new era’ wood coaster.

The figure-of-eight layout is designed to give the braver visitors to Gulliver’s a thrilling ride, yet it retains the park’s overall family feel with a modest overall height.

During an interview with us, the chains’s Managing Director Julie Dalton explained the story behind the construction of the coaster, “The Antelope was the brainchild of my father, who founded our company in 1978. It was my dad’s ambition to build a timber-framed roller coaster – that’s the ultimate dream for a man who loves wood! He initially went to America to buy a design but realised the best talent was here in the UK. He put a team together and they built the ride.”

Gulliver’s Valley, the chain’s latest venture currently under construction is also rumoured to feature a wooden roller coaster when it opens in 2020.

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