Opened on 26th March 1937,  the Pleasureland Cyclone was one of the signature rides of the park. Standing 60ft high, the ride was of similar stature to a number of the more famous rides at its sister park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, also built by Charles Paige.

A classic Figure-8 design, the ride was located on the Princes Park side of the park, directly opposite TRAUMAtizer. Complete with traditional PTC trains and an art-deco station, the ride was emblematic of its time, with steep drops, long turns and wonky lift hill.

Only the most observant rider would notice the shed beneath seaward end of the ride, this housed the most distant part of the River Caves, which turned back to the station beneath the Cyclone’s structure.

The ride, along with the rest of the park closed on 5th September 2006.

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