Nemesis Inferno

There are many sequels produced in Hollywood, with varying levels of critical acclaim. Some complement the original film perfectly, others are derided by the critics and ruin the original film for eternity.

Tussauds were to use the same tactic to put Thorpe Park on the map that they had used just shy of a decade earlier at Alton Towers.

It’s fair to say that the two rides do have some similarities, even when you look past the name. They’re both built using the same ride hardware and both feature the same inversions, albeit in a different order. Inferno however, takes its cues from the ever popular Batman: The Ride attractions at many US Six Flags parks.

Inferno doesn’t use the same setting or backstory as its better known brother, it remains completely above ground and its station sits within an active volcano, complete with lava and faux flames.

Inevitably comparisons will be made with the original ride and those discussions have been continuing for the best part of fifteen years, but none of them really matter.

It’s intense, visually stunning and a staple in the Thorpe Park canon.

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