The year 2002 was an interesting year. Thorpe Park were about to unleash Colossus, featuring more inversions than any other ride and Alton Towers were to introduce Air, the first B&M flying roller coaster.

Odyssey dwarfed both of them in height, but failed to receive anything like the same hype given the unstoppable Tussauds marketing machine.

Odyssey represented the biggest ever investment at Fantasy Island. After the success of the Millennium Coaster three years previous, John Woodward and his team once again looked to Vekoma to supply them with another behemoth on the Lincolnshire coast – and they delivered.

Odyssey is the tallest, fastest and steepest Suspended Looping Roller Coaster in the world, standing 60ft higher than the ‘standard’ models.

The location of the ride among the attraction’s marketplace is certainly a unique one. Although the placement much derided by coaster enthusiasts, it does provide some phenomenal views and photo opportunities for one of the most intense, twisted and visually impressive rides built on UK soil.

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