The Ultimate

Steel roller coasters are like anything else in the modern world. They are spawned from a product line of which there are countless similar models in existence. There are some exceptions to this rule and The Ultimate is a fine example.

You can’t find a ride like this anywhere else in the world, it is truly unique. This terrain coaster winds its way through 32 acres of land over a one and a half mile course.

The Ultimate was the brainchild of one man – Robert Staveley, who owned the park at the time. He wanted to create a new unique attraction that would propel Lightwater Valley into the top ranks of the UK theme park industry. This was to be a project of epic proportion, not only was this roller coaster going to be the huge – it was going to be the longest in the world. It would also be one of the tallest roller coasters in the UK.

The crucial task of selecting a name for the ride was put in the hands of the listeners of BBC Radio One. After a week long competition it was decided that the new coaster would be called The Ultimate.

The sense of isolation you feel at the top of the second lift hill, as you wait to plunge into the forest below is truly unique. You are literally half a mile away from the station and turning back is not an option. As you admire the stunning North Yorkshire countryside, the track ahead is slowly disappearing. What follows is one of the most intense sections of roller coaster track in the world, with insane banking and magnificent speed.

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