Please Note – Blackpool Pleasure Beach have announced the ride will be closed during the 2020 season, reopening in 2021.

In the Valhalla station, there is a sign that states “You will get wet, you may get soaked”. This sign is a farce – if you choose to battle your way through Odin’s great hall, you will get soaked. That said, it will be completely worth it.

The £15m ride opened on the former site of the park’s Fun House (destroyed by fire in 1991), Valhalla opened to great acclaim on 14th June 2000. TV personality Jonathan Ross performed the ribbon cutting with the Thompson family and various VIPs in attendance.

Geoffrey Thompson envisioned a ride that would build upon the success of the park’s existing dark rides and presented giant versions of effects honed in the park’s smaller rides over the previous century.

Throughout the six minute experience, adventurers embark on a thrilling journey battling fire, ice, wind and three drops (two forwards, one backwards).

A huge technical achievement, Valhalla has continued to be refined and adapted to ensure greater reliability and a more consistent experience. In 2012, the ride’s entire front facade was replaced.

Valhalla represents one of the most audacious theme park projects ever undertaken in Britain, its sheer scale has not and likely never will be matched.

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