Alton Towers

From humble beginnings, Alton Towers has grown to be one of the most recognisable names in the UK industry, almost synonymous for British theme park.

The opening of Corkscrew in 1980 instigated four decades of non-stop development with the introduction of new rides and attractions almost every season.

The Tussauds Group purchased the park in 1990 and through the creative vision of John Wardley, the park debuted some of the most unique experiences found in a seasonal park.

In 2007, the park was acquired by Merlin Entertainments and continues to expand as the group reposition the theme park as a multi-day resort destination.

� Did you know?

If you ride the Battle Galleons at Alton Towers, don't panic - that's not lake water that people are squirting at you. Each boat has an onboard tank full of clean water that is used in the battle!

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