Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Famed for being the UK’s ‘classic’ amusement park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach features both historic and state of the art attractions side by side.

Dominated by the Big One roller coaster, the park sits at the southern end of the resort just yards from the rolling Irish sea. Below the huge structure of the park’s iconic roller coaster, you’ll find the Big Dipper, Grand National, Skyforce and Steeplechase, among many others.

The park has been owned by the Thompson family since its inception in 1896. It has been a mainstay in the industry and continues to innovate with new rides and attractions as the town goes through its own long-term regeneration project.

In 2018, the park debuted ICON, a double launching coaster.

� Did you know?

In 1929 the original gondolas of the Flying Machine at Blackpool Pleasure Beach were replaced with aeroplanes, which were in turn superseded by the present rocket ships in 1952.

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Geoffrey Thompson
Grand National
The Big One
Wild Mouse

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