Camelot was one of three parks operated by the Granada Group alongside American Adventure and Granada Studios.

Located at Charnock Richard, near Chorley in Lancashire, the park told the story of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The park was one of only a couple in the UK that has used one central theme as opposed to lots of different ones in various lands.

The park was home to a number of rides that were split into three sections on three different levels. Notable rides included the Tower of Terror roller coaster, Excalibur, The Beast (later known as Venom) and the Camelot Cascade Log Flume.

In 2009, the Story Group purchased the park with a view to build housing on the site, however it continued to operate as a theme park until the 2012 season when it was  announced that the park had closed for good and would not reopen for 2013.

� Did you know?

Bird of Prey shows have been a staple at UK parks for many years. They have featured at Lightwater Valley and Camelot, among others.

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