Chessington World of Adventures

The park was originally opened as Chessington Zoo back in 1931. In July 1987, the park was transformed into what would become one of the UK’s early theme parks, whilst retaining and expanding the animal attractions.

Over the course of the next thirty years, the park has introduced a number of rides and attractions creating a theme park and zoo hybrid attraction. The 1990s saw the introduction of Vampire – Europe’s first and only Arrow suspended roller coaster, Rameses Revenge and the often missed Bubbleworks ride.

In more recent years, the park has refreshed some of the park’s older attractions and has introduced attractions that integrate both the zoo and theme park rides, such as ZUFARI: Ride into Africa!

� Did you know?

Scorpion Express at Chessington is an example of the popular Blauer Enzian model built by Mack Rides.

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