Opened in 1987, Oakwood grew from humble beginnings in and gained significant attention in 1996 with the launch of Megafobia, a style of roller coaster that many coaster fans had been waiting for for many years.

Established and owned by the McNamara family until 2008, it’s now owned by Aspro Parks who own three other parks in France and Belgium. The park sits on former farm land near Narbeth on the edge of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

The park has been responsible for bringing some unique rides to the country post Megafobia. Speed – No Limits was the first Eurofighter in the UK and Drenched is the only Intamin Mega Splash anywhere in the world.

Photo by Sarah (CC)

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Megafobia at Oakwood was the first Custom Coasters International, Inc roller coaster to be built outside of the USA

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