Spanish City

The Spanish City Pleasure Buildings and the associated amusement park at Whitley Bay can trace their history back to 1906, but it was 14th May 1910 that saw the official opening of the park’s iconic dome.

The park’s earliest amusement offerings were quickly incorporated into the fledging enterprise and the new park boasted the Figure 8 Railway, Social Whirl, Water Chute and Ye Olde Mill (River Caves) and later a Rainbow Wheel, similar to that which had appeared at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 1912.

The park’s two star attractions would come later, with the Virginia Reel opening in 1925 and the Corkscrew (later relocated to Flamingo Land) in 1982. 

In the 1990s difficult trading conditions and a number of fires meant that the park struggled and the last of the park’s rides closed in 2002.

On 21st July 2018, the Spanish City dome was reopened by North Tyneside mayor Norma Redfearn CBE . Although the amusement park is long gone with much of the site occupied by a school, the iconic dome remains and a number of the park’s most famous rides are immortalised in the seating opposite on the sea front.

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Spanish City is mentioned in the 1981 Dire Straits song 'Tunnel of Love' - "Girl it looks so pretty to me like it always did. Like the Spanish City to me when we were kids".

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