The Blackpool Pleasure Beach company have operated a number of attractions at parks that they do not own, including the legendary Cyclone at the Kursaal.

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach monorail was purchased from 1964-5 Worlds Fair in Lausanne, Switzerland. Consequently, the semi open trains were designated “Lausanne A” (M&Ms livery) and “Lausanne B” (Daily Star livery)

When opening Valhalla, Blackpool Pleasure Beach entered into a three year sponsorship deal with the Daily Star newspaper 

The track on The Avalanche at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is made up of a number of components, named after features on real bobsled runs, these include; The Snake, The Wall, Grande Labyrinth, Kreisel & Omega.

During its first four weeks of operation, the Pepsi Max Big One carried 300,000 passengers at £3 per head

In 1993, at Blackpool Pleasure Beach 55% of the park’s revenue was attributed to the rides, compared to 90% three decades earlier

When opened, the Edwardian-inspired facade of Ocean Boulevard at Blackpool Pleasure Beach contained 38 retail units including Pizza Hut, Ripley’s Odditorium, Fisherman’s Wharf, Teddy Bear Trading Company, the Tommy Cooper Joke Shop and Coasters American Diner

In 1992 Geoffrey Thompson was accorded the life honour as a Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire

In 1988 the turnover at Blackpool Pleasure Beach was £22 million, up 27% on 1987

Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach both opened skate parks in 1978, however both were short lived as the skateboarding craze came and went relatively quickly

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