BBC sitcom One Foot In The Grave has an episode called Dreamland in series 3. Margaret Meldrew recalls how she and Victor went to Dreamland on a trip to Margate to celebrate their third wedding anniversary.

Energizer at Alton Towers had six programme modes as well as manual controls. In manual with a skilled operator, the ride could be made to flip, but this was never done during normal operation with guests.

The first Wall of Death attraction to appear in Britain did so at the Kursaal in June 1929

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach company have operated a number of attractions at parks that they do not own, including the legendary Cyclone at the Kursaal.

Although John Broome is well known for opening Alton Towers as a theme park in 1980, his association with the park dates back to 1973 when he became a concessionaire of one of the ride franchises on the fairground.

A ride on the Battersea Fun Fair Big Dipper cost 15p in 1972

Battersea Fun Fair occupied a nine acre site, comparatively small compared to most other amusement parks

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach monorail was purchased from 1964-5 Worlds Fair in Lausanne, Switzerland. Consequently, the semi open trains were designated “Lausanne A” (M&Ms livery) and “Lausanne B” (Daily Star livery)

At Alton Towers, the Wicker Man effigy that gives the ride its name is 57ft tall

The construction of Phase 1 at Chessington World of Adventures cost £10m in 1987, equivalent to about £23m in 2019

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