The first Wall of Death attraction to appear in Britain did so at the Kursaal in June 1929

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach company have operated a number of attractions at parks that they do not own, including the legendary Cyclone at the Kursaal.

Although John Broome is well known for opening Alton Towers as a theme park in 1980, his association with the park dates back to 1973 when he became a concessionaire of one of the ride franchises on the fairground.

A ride on the Battersea Fun Fair Big Dipper cost 15p in 1972

Battersea Fun Fair occupied a nine acre site, comparatively small compared to most other amusement parks

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach monorail was purchased from 1964-5 Worlds Fair in Lausanne, Switzerland. Consequently, the semi open trains were designated “Lausanne A” (M&Ms livery) and “Lausanne B” (Daily Star livery)

At Alton Towers, the Wicker Man effigy that gives the ride its name is 57ft tall

The construction of Phase 1 at Chessington World of Adventures cost £10m in 1987, equivalent to about £23m in 2019

When opening Valhalla, Blackpool Pleasure Beach entered into a three year sponsorship deal with the Daily Star newspaper 

Spanish City is mentioned in the 1981 Dire Straits song ‘Tunnel of Love’ – “Girl it looks so pretty to me like it always did. Like the Spanish City to me when we were kids”.

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