In 1992 Geoffrey Thompson was accorded the life honour as a Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire

Frontierland Morecambe was attracting 1.3 million visitors in 1996

‘Time Marches On’ was the name of the Ice Parade of 1954 at Morecambe Pleasure Park

Texas Tornado, previously known as Cyclone would often run two trains. One running forward, the other backward.

An aircraft hangar that stood on the Frontierland site was initially converted into an Ice Theatre, then a Bingo Hall and eventually the Fun City fun house in 1980. It was destroyed by fire in 1987.

The Thomspon Challenge was held every August by locals in the Cattle Market pub in Preston until the mid-1990s. The aim of the challenge was to ride each wooden coaster operated by the Thompson family in one day, visiting Blackpool…

Stampede at Frontierland operated at Blackpool Pleasure Beach before being moved up the coast to Morecambe.

The iconic Polo Tower opened at Frontierland in 1995 and operated until 2000. It stood idle until it was eventually demolished in June 2017.

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