Logger’s Leap at Thorpe Park extracted 1,949,670 gallons per hour from Abbey Lake during operations

1989 saw Thorpe Park create Canada Creek complete with the Logger’s Leap log ride, representing a £4.5m investment

During the 1989 season, Thorpe Park hit the one million guests mark for the first time with 1.3m visitors, up 22% on 1988

In 1988, an admission to Thorpe Park cost £6.50

For the 1980 season, an admission to Thorpe Park was £1.80 for adults and 90p for children

The Swarm at Thorpe Park was the second B&M Wing Coaster to open. The first was Raptor at the park’s sister park, Gardaland, in Italy.

Saw – The Ride was codenamed ‘Project Dylan’ after a cat belonging to Candy Holland, the creative executive for Merlin Entertainments resort theme parks

Colossus at Thorpe Park broke the world record for the number of inversions when it opened in 2002 with ten (the previous record was eight).

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